How Data Science Will Change the Corrugated Industry | White Paper

New advancements in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence have brought about the biggest advancements in the corrugated industry since the invention of corrugated box manufacturing machines, nearly 150 years ago. This emerging technology takes all of the guesswork and superstition out of keeping machines running and takes profitability and viability to an entirely new level. 

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The basic data that is needed to revolutionize the way corrugated facilities are overseen and maintained already exists: corrugated machines are generating hundreds of thousands of data points every day. But until now, this data has been siloed and untapped. Mining the data is the first step, but the truly actionable insight lies within the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

The biggest challenge to profitability in the corrugated industry comes from unplanned downtime and machines operating below capacity. The new technology, as seen in the Helios platform, detects anomalies in the operations, from something as small and simple as an unusual noise or an abnormal vibration, and generates a corpus of data that can be analyzed by machine learning algorithms. Over time, this information can be used to detect potential failures long before they happen, and detect inefficiencies that even the most experienced operators could not detect with the naked eye.

Learn about Helios and its proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence technology by downloading the white paper now.

In it, you’ll learn why Ai and Machine Learning are so critical to your production.  

  • Learn about how to leverage machine learning to optimize maintenance intervals for maximum profitability and uptime
  • Discover how emerging technology can combat challenges of expansion, managing multiple facilities, and staffing challenges and redundancies while keeping machines running at maximum capacity
  • Uncover the untapped insights that live in the data currently is being tracked and stored by your machines

  Click Here to Download “How Data Science Will Change the Corrugated Industry” Now!

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